When wanting to go get the embedded code for the video, you will have to click the share button.

After clicking the share button, click the embed option and there will be the code.

There will also be a show more button. Clicking this will show additional options to change the video's size and actions it can do.

Before taking the embedded code, either triple click on the code or press Ctrl+A.

Then you will copy this code by either right-clicking and then clicking "Copy", or press Ctrl+C.

Go to where you want this code to be and then press enter. You will have to modify the page before this.

Press on the source button. You will see the code "nbsp" with an 'and' symbol before it and a 'semicolon' symbol after it. Delete this before entering the code

Either right-click and press "Paste" or press Ctrl+V to paste embedded video code into your code.

This video will show you how to put embedded code into your code.

Here is the link